Age: 25 years
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 164 cm
Hair color: red
Breast size: В (2)

About Milana

Incredibly talented, graceful and fantastically bright masseuse Milana will give you the best emotions you can wish for!  The girl has an extraordinary technique of erotic massage and easily finds approach to the most demanding clients.

With her sensual touches, Milana achieves complete relaxation of muscles and release from heavy thoughts. Each of her movements, each stimulation, each whisper appreciates individuality and peculiarities of the client. As a result of an erotic massage session from Milana will be a feeling of absolute well-being and a charge of extraordinary energy. At the same time, the girl gives pleasure not only with her behavior, but also eith the perfect shape of her body.

Erotic massage by Milana

It is the combination of aesthetic and physical pleasure that makes a male massage really unforgettable from this girl. Want to check out? Call by phone +420 720 175 506 and book an erotic massage from Milana in the Prague Fenix salon to make sure of her professional skills on your own experience!