In the Czech Republic erotic massages are very popular, almost everyone is familiar with these services. But still, clients and visitors of our salon have many questions regarding the techniques and features of different types of services. This is not surprising, because the massage session is intimate and delicate.

faq erotic massage

We have compiled a list of the most common questions so that everyone who wants to visit our erotic massage has all the information they need to know.

  • Can I expect an anonymous visit?
    Of course! Strict confidentiality is maintained for all clients.
  • What kind of erotic massage is better to choose?
    Desires and preferences of each person are individual. Tell about your wishes and secret fantasies to the specialists of our salon. Be sure that they will offer you many interesting options. For example, for lovers of classics, “Body massage” is suitable, if you want something exclusive, try “BDSM-eromassage”, “Lingama” or order “Lesbian show”.
  • What is necessary for ordering eromassage?
    The client only needs to make an appointment and show up on time for the session. We will gladly organize everything else on our own.
  • Why should you visit only specialized salons?
    First of all, it is your safety. Our salon works officially, has all the necessary permits. In addition, we observe all the rules of sterility, the staff treat the client with respect and decency.
  • Can I come to a session with my partner?
    Not only can you, it is even necessary! We have a separate type of erotic massage for couples.
  • How long does a massage session last?
    It all depends on the type of service and the technique of its execution. Each of the massages can be ordered for a different time interval. It can be a session of 30 minutes or 1 hour. Some of the massages can even last much longer. Detailed information is available on the pages of each service.
  • What should I do if during the session I realize that this type of massage is not suitable for me?
    The main thing for us is the client’s desire! Personal boundaries will never be violated and discomfort will not be tolerated. There is always an opportunity to choose exactly what suits your needs.
  • How much does an erotic massage cost?
    The price for erotic massage in our salon is affordable, not only in Prague, but even in the whole Czech Republic. We do not hide or change (without prior notice) the price of our services. Here you can see the current price list.

If you do not find the information you need, please contact us at telephone number +420 720 175 506 and we’ll answer all your questions!