About us

Our company is the best erotic massage salon in Prague. Its high rating is confirmed by our clients, among whom there are many representatives of the Czech elite and high-ranking foreign guests – politicians, businessmen, creative personalities and ordinary tourists.

The location of our Fenix salon is convenient and accessible: you can find it in the very center of the city. 

Our address: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00, Vinohrady.

Fenix Praga salon massage

Our advantages are a perfectly cozy, 100% positive atmosphere for full relaxation and highly professional masseuses who know various popular and exclusive techniques of intimate massage perfectly.

Visiting our massage sessions is a unique opportunity to comprehend the boundless universe of sensual eroticism, to learn incredible sensations of true bliss and inner harmony.

Our salon of erotic massage Fenix justifies its name completely – it allows people, oppressed by gray everyday life, burdened with intimate, personal and moral-psychological problems, to feel reborn. 

Even one session is a guarantee of a mass of bright, colorful and unforgettable experiences. With the help of skillful touches of our masseuses, who are unsurpassed magicians in their business, you will be able to experience an unusually intense excitement, which will be replaced by no less powerful orgasm. Such intense and magical sensations are not possible with ordinary sex.

massage salon Fenix in Prague

This explains why most of our new clients become our regular visitors. Each of them we meet with sincere hospitality and joy, like a best friend.

You can familiarize yourself with the opinions and comments of our guests by reading the “Book of Reviews” about the work of the salon. These entries, left by Prague residents and many foreigners, contain only gratitude, appreciation and best wishes.

Visitors of our salon, who have come to Prague from abroad, are obsessed with the dream of returning to the Czech Republic to once again enjoy the delights of erotic massage in “Fenix”, immersing themselves in a wonderful world of pleasure and dreams.

Charming in their external splendor and practical skills, the girls of our spicy massage establishment are always ready to pamper their demanding clients with the most tender, affectionate and sensual touches of fingers, hands and the whole body. 

erotic massage salon pragua fenix

We invite you to enjoy delightful moments that give true joy and a sea of delight for at least one hour.

In addition to classical massage techniques, you can order our signature Fenix massage, and the most popular option is body massage.

We are accustomed to appreciate each client, treating him with great reverence, attention and care – this is the key principle of our masters.

If you want to relieve bodily and mental tension, shed the ballast of everyday worries and problems, restore your physical potential and improve your self-esteem, feel the fullness of life and explore the feeling of true bliss – contact us and book a session of erotic massage: we will fulfill all these desires in the best form!

Phone number for booking a session – +420 720 175 506.