Fenix massage

Price for services :

  • 30 minutes – 2000 crownes
  • 60 minutes – 3000 crownes
  • 90 minutes – 4000 crownes
  • 120 minutes –  6000 crownes

To Book Massage Fenix in Prague from the best masseuses of the city, you can by calling phone number  +420 720 175 506, or contact us via facebook. Also, you can sign up for a session of erotic massage “Fenix” by visiting our salon at the address: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t hesitate, our girls are already waiting for you!

Tantric massage Fenix – peculiarities

Our salon, which successfully left behind competitors and coming to the position of a leader, offers various types of a spicy massage services, performed professionally. We use not only all known and popular techniques from ancient times, but also practice author erotic massage “Fenix” — in Prague, you can book it only in our elite place!

This procedure is based on the famous Tantric technique that awakens the life force, and came to the modern world from the Hindu teachings of prehistoric times.

What needs to know about tantra-massage?

The best way for relaxation, getting through the deepest impact on the emotional aura, energy field and physical body is tantric massage. The purpose and result of such procedure is symbiosis of mental, bodily and intellectual harmony. 

Our experienced masseuses know the mystery of awakening the Kundalini energy. With gentle and sensual touches they are able to open the subtle energy channels and find the right points to activate this process.

Clients, who decided to book tantric massage in Czech Republic in our salon, convinced of its effectiveness. They experienced how the master’s skillful touches remove inner blockages and lead to harmonization of energy centers.

It is an opportunity to comprehensive and know yourself through achieving maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

What’s the peculiarity of intimate massage “Fenix”?

We took from tantra-massage technique the best and made our own adjustments, bringing it to perfection.

Erotic massage “Fenix”, which is the chip of our salon, can be compared to the most desirable and exquisite “chef’s dish”, which is not available in any other competitive place. 

fenix massage tantra

Its program has been expanded and supplemented — it includes a joint relaxing shower, an exclusive tango egg method and body massaging with special stones.

This is a real opportunity to wide your consciousness and sensory awakening, providing a sense of unparalleled pleasure.

According to the point of view of our grateful clients, the signature massage program “Fenix” can give much more than a classic session of tantric massage in Prague. 

This is an opportunity to be exported into virtual reality, experiencing a feeling of uncontrollable delight, the sweetest tenderness, ecstasy and blissful euphoria.

Advantages of tantra-massage “Fenix” in the Prague Fenix salon

Our advanced massage method, adapted for the most demanding clients, is distinguished by several features that can call as priorities.

  1. It eliminates stiffness and tension. As a result, body flexibility is improved, blood and lymph circulation are activated, and tissue regeneration processes are stimulated. Thus, the body is revitalized and rejuvenated – our masters-masseuses have the power to turn back time.
  2. Anti-stress effect, complete relief from anxiety and worry. If you are often worried, anxious and nervous – the best solution would be to sign up for a tantra massage Fenix. This is the way to your psychological balance and well-being. We know the secret of releasing your happy hormones – endorphins and oxytocin.
  3. Enhancement of self-esteem, including intimate confidence in your abilities. Every touch of the master is full of love, respect and unconditional acceptance of all conditions and wishes of the client.
  4. Powerful sense of pleasure. You will feel that you are able to concentrate on the present moment, tuning into the wave of your physical sensations. This is the way to the deepest and most intimate connection, to the union of your mental sensations with your bodily sensations. 
  5. Spiritual and energetic practice. Massage is a unique exploration of touching, understanding and activating one’s own energy, nourishment through mind-body and spirit bodywork.
fenix tantra massage

Our most prestigious salon in the capital with luxurious, cozy interiors and highly professional staff always guarantees the most pleasant atmosphere and maximum attention to the client.

There is only one way to know, what is tantra-massage, enhanced by signature service “Fenix” — contact us and book an exclusive session. Call us by phone number  +420 720 175 506. The best masseuses of the city are already waiting for you!

By the way, we have many other kinds of erotic massages. Choose any!