Lingam massage

Price foe services:

  • 15 minutes – 1200 crownes
  • 30 minutes – 1400 crownes
  • 60 minutes – 2000 crownes
  • 90 minutes – 3000 crownes
  • 120 minutes –  4000 crownes

To book massage Lingama in Prague from the best masseuses of the city youcan by calling phone number +420 720 175 506, or contact us via facebook. Also you can sign up for a session of tantric massage Lingama, by visiting our salon at the address: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t hesitate, our girls are already waiting for you!

What mystery does Lingam massage hold?

The exciting word “Lingam” means “Wand of Light”. In simple words, it is a designation of the male sexual organ, which rises upwards when erect, symbolizing strength, superiority, inseminating a woman gives her light and vitality. Erotic massage is very popular in the Czech Republic, and if your next destination is Prague, anyone can order lingam massage here.

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Many people confuse this practice with ordinary masturbation, but this is not true at all. In fact it’s a tantric and spiritual process that helps men to increase their libido, establish erectile functions, take care of prostate health. This is why tantric lingam massage was considered as healing procedure in ancient times, and designed for men only.

What is tantric Lingam massage?

In general, the word “tantra” adds exotic to any services and fills them with hidden and secret meaning. Today, people can feel free in terms of sexuality, we have long ago moved away from various religious norms and rules But, when it comes to sex itself, it turns out that most of people are very constrained, have limits, and many blocks. That’s why erotic lingam massage in Prague will be an incredible discovery for many men.

According to the ancient writings of Dao and Tantra, there are many reflex points on the male penis, which with correct applying can heal physical and mental injuries, bring blissful relaxation and improve overall wellness. Many people wonder what to expect from a session if they book Lingam massage. The answer is very simple – a lot of things! And only the best!

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Most often this service is performed by girls in the nude to excite a man. This is a soft and gentle touching of the penis with the hand or fingers at a leisurely pace. The penis is stroked, gently pressed, rubbed, bringing the man to orgasm, but slowing down at the very end and not allowing him to ejaculate.

How is going session of the Lingam massage in the salon Fenix?

Lingam massage in Prague Fenix provided only by experienced and responsive therapists. They are also incredibly cute and passionate! This type of erotic service allows you to accept your own sexuality, feel inner harmony be sure that personal boundaries are not violated and the client will experience deep sensations of pleasure.

This process is performed in a room with comfortable and soft light, as well as the optimal temperature for the body, so that the person in the nude can fully relax. The main elements that comprise the lingam massage technique are as follows:

  • The service is definitely performed with special lubricant (it can be flavored, tasty and even edible) or oils.
  • A masseuse who does massage tries to breathe with the client in unison at the same pace. This promotes relaxation and turns the service into a small meditation, increasing arousal and desire.
  • The man begins to be prepared for the future waves of pleasure from afar. Slowly and gently massage the thighs, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. The scrotum and perineum are gently worked on.
  • Begin erotic lingam massage, only after it is felt that the penis begins to harden.
  • The hands and fingers begin to move smoothly up and down, gradually kneading every millimeter of the penis, and the most sensitive area, the head, is not touched often. You can say that they tease, turn you on, make you hold your breath for seconds from ecstasy, and the process begins again.
  • When it is noticed that the client is ready to finish, the hands stop and the pace is significantly reduced, leaving ejaculation to complete the process. This massage usually lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.
  • A special place is given to the prostate. It is good for men’s health, a finger is inserted into the anus at a depth of no more than 3-5 centimeters, based on the client’s feelings of discomfort, begin to gently and carefully massage this bulge.
  • When the man reaches the peak of pleasure, the movements accelerate and he gets a deep and strong orgasm, in some cases even multiple orgasms. After the cum is spat out, the penis continues to be very gently massaged for a while. 
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Now that there is an awareness of how to do a lingam massage, the main task of a man is complete relaxation, trust in the partner and enjoyment of such a service. If the client will plunge headlong into his sensations, let the rolling waves of excitement dissolve throughout the body, the final ecstasy (orgasm) will be very intense and more prolonged, if compared to the usual sexual intercourse.

What client receives in the end?

Using this massage will improve the blood circulation of the genitals, erection will become firm. In addition, as a result of Lingam massage prolongs the duration of intercourse, and sexual life is filled with bright colors, novelty and incredible sensations.

Intrigued? Hurry up and call our number +420 720 175 506 to book a session of erotic massage in Prague Fenix Salon from the best masseuses of the city!

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