Massage for couple

Price for services :

  • 60 minutes – 4000 crowns
  • 90 minutes – 5000 crowns
  • 120 minutes –  7500 crowns

Order a massage “Couples” in Prague from the best masseuses of the city you can call +420 720 175 506, or by contacting us via Facebook. You can also sign up for a couple’s erotic massage session by visiting our salon at 1702/12 Velegradska Street, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t delay, our girls are already waiting for you!

Erotic Couple’s Massage is an excellent choice

Our company Fenix, being a top massage parlor, provides all well-known and exclusive types of intimate massage services for respectable gentlemen and charming ladies.

Massage for couple Fenix

This highly professional service includes couples’ erotic massage in Prague – an excellent choice for discerning partners who claim to receive a stunning pleasure as a couple.

Specifics of couples massage technique

This procedure is a special tactic massage that brings a sense of sensual bliss and enjoyment of bodily unity and spiritual connection to two people at the same time.

The most experienced masseuses will surprise you with the extraordinary atmosphere of intimacy, boundless love and reverence in which the couple’s massage takes place in our prestigious salon.

Massage for couple Fenix

The session offers a real opportunity for partners to acquire a shared experience and total immersion to deepen and refresh their mutual relationship.

The massage technique favored by our girls serving our clients is full of gentle touches, harmonious interaction and rhythmic movements performed in unison.

How does an erotic couple’s massage session work?

The result of this technique, which is the basis of couple`s erotic massage, is that the mutual understanding between the partners reaches a qualitatively new, higher level.

During the session each of the partners, focusing on their personal experience, feels the needs and reactions of their loved one, who is at this delightful moment next to them.

Massage for couple Fenix

At the same time, both partners can be sure that in the walls of our salon skillful erotic massage for two is aimed at the maximum comfort of both clients and respect for the boundaries of each of them.

Our masseuses are not short of sensuality and experience. Their goal is to provide unprecedentedly pleasurable, relaxing and novelty-filled sensations for two guests at the same time.

Order an erotic couple’s massage in Prague in the Fenix salon for those who crave unrivaled enjoyment of moments of intimacy, learning about each other and themselves.

This is a chance to be transported together with your loved one to another dimension that can open amazing secrets of intimacy.

Benefits of couple’s erotic massage

Specialists have proved, and our guests have checked on themselves, that this spicy type of intimate massage has a number of priority features.

  1. Beneficial effect on the psychological state of each member of the couple. Massage technique allows you to get rid of stress, chase away anxious thoughts and concentrate on the positive.
  2. Strengthening the relationship. Nothing strengthens mutual trust and emotional attraction to each other like erotic massage for couples — even sexologists in the Czech Republic advise couples to periodically use this spicy service after many years of marriage.
  3. Mutual feeling of bliss and harmony. This is an opportunity to become closer to your other half, receiving pleasure and gaining additional experience together.
  4. An opportunity to bring back the former passion. It is not difficult to make the faded feelings flare up with a new force that carries you away into the maelstrom — just book a couple’s massage session in our elite establishment, as it is done by many famous people of the Czech capital and abroad.
  5. Discovering your partner’s sensual needs and desires from a new perspective. You will pay attention to what touches and caresses are the most pleasant and desirable for him/her, what makes your loved one excited and what allows him/her to reach the highest point of pleasure.
  6. Mastering the techniques of erotic massage to satisfy your partner. These include subtle touches, touching strokes, vigorous rubbing, fervent nibbling, and more.

A visit to us together on such an unusual, but very much loved by many of our regular customers massage, will be your most unforgettable adventure!

Why book a tactic couples massage at Fenix Salon?

The choice in favor of Fenix massage salon for the corresponding non-trivial procedure, worthy of real queens and kings, is an impeccably correct decision.

The mystery of this massage is performed in a perfectly comfortable environment for relaxation, which allows you to forget about all problems, worries and troubles, feeling complete relaxation.

Massage for couple Fenix

Our stylish, luxurious interiors and soft cushions will involuntarily make you believe that you are in a magical, fairy-tale world. And our skillful masseuses are lovely fairies who can fulfill any wish.

During the sessions pleasant melodious music sounds, and the air is filled with exquisite, enchanting incense, which exudes aroma lamps.

Special oils help to make the procedure even more pleasant. You will feel how your body and see how your partner’s body will respond to the rubbing with such warm sliding compositions, enhancing sensations and giving the most vivid emotions.

Before the beginning of the procedure we will offer you to drink excellent champagne — this drink of aristocrats will help you to relax.

Do not delay such a unique opportunity: hurry up to sign up for a couples massage with us — do not deny yourself a truly heavenly pleasure that allows you to explore the unknown and experience the novelty of the moment!

To sign up for a session of erotic massage for a couple in the salon Prague Fenix, call +420 720 175 506. The best masseuses of the city are already waiting for you!
In addition, we have many other types of erotic massages. Choose any of them!