Massage for women

Price for services:

  • 30 minutes – 1600 crownes
  • 60 minutes – 2200 crownes
  • 90 minutes – 3200 crownes

To Book Massage for women erotic in Prague from the best masseuses of the city you can by calling phone number +420 720 175 506, or contact us via facebook. Also you can sign up for a session of erotic women massage by visiting our salon at the address: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t hesitate, our girls are already waiting for you!

Erotic massage for women – an art for awakening sensuality

Every lady, whether she is the most modest or naturally uninhibited, deserves the true pleasure that our massage salon, one of the most prestigious in Prague, is able to give her.

massage for women fenix salon

We offer our lovely ladies to treat themselves to a unique session of erotic massage for women. Our professionals do not perform it in a formulaic way, but exclusively, taking into account all the wishes and needs of our charming clients.

Which advantages has erotic massage for women?

Our masseuses know many of the secrets of ancient tantra that go back centuries. Such hard-to-understand secrets are a way of self-discovery, of feeling oneself and one’s worth in this imperfect world. They are sometimes so lacking even the most ambitious and self-confident ladies.

Massage for women Fenix

Massage for women, to book in the Czech Republic you can in our elite place, is characterized by a number of features – they cannot called without priority:

  • Our clients are guaranteed the highest level of care and a safe space to explore the depths of their personal sensual, spiritual and intimate potential;
  • exceptionally gentle touches, special techniques and ancient rituals of the best masseuses in Prague will give you a unique opportunity to release your hidden feminine energy, getting rid of negativity;
  • the result of each session, which allows you to feel the harmony of unity of body, soul and mind, is the revitalization of the female essence and the full realization of our guest’s own self;
  • erotic massage for women in our salon guarantees unrivaled comfort, relaxation and pleasure, comparable only to the real bliss of paradise.

This treatment will be a delightful intimate journey that will do more than just give you physical pleasure. It will result in the ignition of the sacred feminine flame within you, leading to a perfect balance between the bodily and the spiritual dimension.

Why you need to book massage for women in the Prague Phoenix salon?

You will be convinced that choosing our salon for the appropriate service, which is now at the top of its popularity, will prove to be the only right choice.

Massage for women Fenix

For us, complete relaxation and satisfaction of our clients is our priority – and we pursue this goal by choosing the most refined and effective ways.

We help our guests to take a step into the sacred world filled with divine feminine yin energy and go into the mysterious space of self-discovery and self-love. This is an opportunity to learn and experience how powerful tantric forces encompass and nourish the soul, giving it at the same time boundless tenderness, serene joy and a sense of euphoria.

This will be the springboard for increasing your self-esteem, self-realization of achievement, a sense of well-being, inner harmony and personal growth.

To achieve such amazing results helps a huge experience and magical skill of our masseuses, as well as the use of special lotions, gels or aphrodisiac oils. Such products allow for the most delicate touch of hands with a delightful glide – they awaken a true storm of emotions.

Massage for women Fenix

A session of erotic massage for women includes not only light, careful and slow touches, but also intensive, rhythmic ones – such massage technique was known in the East in prehistoric times.

In the Prague Phoenix salon the corresponding mystery takes place in a pleasant environment, initially setting up its lovely visitors for mental discharge, positivity and relaxation. At us no one feels awkward and embarrassed – after all, real professionals work with clients.

If you are tired of gray everyday life and want to feel yourself in a new way, bringing joy into your life and getting a lot of bright positive sensations – then you should definitely book a session of female massage in our luxurious salon: we are definitely the best in Prague among many competitors! We are waiting for you right now!

Massage for women Fenix

Call us by phone number  +420 720 175 506. The best masseuses of the city are already waiting for you! By the way, we have many other kinds of erotic massages. Choose any!