Massage prostaty

Price for services:

  • 30 minutes – 2000 crownes
  • 60 minutes – 2500 crownes
  • 90 minutes – 3500 crownes
  • 120 minutes – 4500 crownes

To Book Prostate Massage in Prague from the best masseuses of the city you can by call phone number +420 720 175 506, or contact us via facebook. Also you can sign up for a session of the prostate massage by visiting our salon at the address: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t hesitate, our girls are already waiting for you!

Orgasm brighter than the sun! Book a Prostate Massage

There is an opinion that men in this delicate topic are divided into two types. Those who are afraid of such a service and those who have already tried it. For the male sex prostate massage is not only an erotic action, but also very useful for health. This procedure normalizes the activity of the genitourinary system, by 40-50 years old men often have prostatitis and impotence. But regular massage can counteract such diseases. Duration of sex increases, orgasm becomes much stronger. Stagnant formations in this organ disappear, and also passes painful ejaculation, if there’s such a thing.

Massage prostaty in Praga Fenix

Erotic salons are very common in the Czech Republic, if you sign up for prostate massage in Prague and add intimacy, a man can get unforgettable pleasure! Such a service requires experience, the ability to establish a spiritual contact with the client, knowledge of techniques. And when to such knowledge add an incredibly attractive masseuse, who is able to deliver to the peak of bliss, most men stop afraid of such a procedure and decide to take this exciting step.

Of course, erotic prostate massage should be tried, not only to improve male health, but also to discover new sexual facets, to experience unforgettable excitement and final, to plunge into the world of fantasies and entrust your body to a skillful master.

How does the session proceed, and what should the client expect?

The prostate is a gland in the rectum that sits between the bladder and the penis, about the size of a walnut. Few men are willing to trust this secret place, but if you book a prostate massage Prague, be prepared for an amazing sexual journey.

Milk massage: salon Prague Fenix

An experienced masseuse first of all achieves complete relaxation of a man. For this purpose, the light in the room is dimmed, erotic music is turned on and gentle stroking of the whole body begins. When the man is completely relaxed and breathes evenly, gradually and very carefully begin to knead the anus.

When warming up, be sure to use a special lubricant and apply it to the finger, to avoid unpleasant sensations, gradually moving to the desired core. Then very gently and carefully massage the gland, until the moment when the client will become pleasant such touches and erection will come. Then the second hand smoothly proceed to the stimulation of the penis, the massage goes in parallel, using these two erogenous zones. It is also possible to move to oral caresses. The whole process is brought to a strong ejaculation and a bright multiple orgasm. The duration of such massage for men is extremely individualized. After such sensations, the client can even enter the tras, be in bliss and feel how he has a strong pulsing after orgasm of this gland.

Now you know how is going prostate massage session in Prague. The main thing to remember is that the magical masters in the salon will never violate your personal boundaries. Everything happens exclusively according to the desire and feeling of the man, and the delivery of discomfort is unacceptable. For true gourmets of sexual sensations to the massage can offer not only hands, but also a strapon, a dildo, anal balls and many other interesting devices for intimate play.

What does the client get in the end?

When such an ordinary medical procedure is filled with erotic colors and a man understands what awaits him in the end, the fear gradually disappears, and having tried once, will definitely want to repeat. That is why session of prostate massage is very popular in many countries.

Fenix Massage in Prague

In this practice, trust and intimacy between partners are very important elements. In erotic salons, everything is provided for. Even if a man is uncomfortable, a mask is put on him, for a feeling of safety and comfort. When you know what is prostate massage and what sensations will be expected, it starts to simply beckon and becomes the cherry on the cake of sexual sensations.

Do you want to experience all the charms of such erotic massage? Call right now on the phone number +420 720 175 506  and book session of prostate massage in Prague Fenix salon from the best masseuses of the city!

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