Milk massage

Price for services:
  • 30 minutes – 1500 crownes
  • 60 minutes – 2000 crownes
  • 90 minutes – 2800 crownes
  • 120 minutes –  4000 crownes

To book milk massage in Prague from the best masseuses of the city, you can by call phone  +420 720 175 506, or contact us via facebook. Also, you can sign up for a session of erotic milk massage by visiting our salon at the adress: Velegradska street, 1702/12, 130 00 Vinohrady. Don’t hesitate, our girls are already waiting for you!

Milk massage — what is it?

Erotic massage services are developed in many countries. Such procedures allow people to relax, dive into mysterious and romantic atmosphere, get away from the eternal thoughts that are connected with work and other problems and become more liberated and give in to the flight of fantasies.

Milk massage: salon Prague Fenix

Such kind of massage as milk massage in Prague has appeared relatively recently and has become very popular. No wonder, this bliss makes a person look at everyday situations and problems in a completely different way. This massage is recommended to be used when people are under constant exposure of heavy loads, not only mental, but physical too.

What’s the reason to choose milk massage?

The program of milk massage is suitable for guests, who want to experience something new, fantastic and unforgettable. In the Czech Republic this kind of services is developed very well, especially in the capital, Prague erotic milk massage is the cherry on the top of the cake. This is one of the main highlights of body relaxation.

Milk is good not only for human’s organism, but also for the human skin. With its help, the body becomes silky and tighten.  Since ancient times, people often filled and took milky baths to rejuvenate the whole body.

How’s going session of erotic milk massage in the Prague Fenix?

From the point of view of erotic, massage with milk is aimed mostly as spectacle and suitable for clients who want to experience unconventional, new feelings and emotions. Warm milk slowly flows down a woman’s body, enveloping all its shapes, in some places creamy drops are formed. As a result, client gets a very aesthetic and beautiful picture in front of his eyes. The color and texture of milk can remind of seminal fluid, which leads to great excitement not only for men, but for women too. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic product, great for contact not only with the body, but also with intimate zones.

erotic milk massage in Prague

Many people should experience a milk body massage in Prague. In a cozy and safe atmosphere with dimmed lights, the real erotic action begins.

The main role can be provided by both of the partners. When milk trickles down the naked body, the client is gently kneaded with warm hands from the neck to the feet, with special attention to the buttocks. This helps to increase blood circulation in the pelvis, as a result, excitement gradually increases. Milk massage is performed with whole body, not only with the hands. The masseuse can massage body with her breast, belly or slide by the groin zone. The main thing is that the contact felt well. The partner can lie on his back or stomach or choose any comfortable position following his fantasies.

What client receives in the end?

Body massage with milk gives not only pleasant and arousing sensations, but also adds erotic novelty, increases libido and sexuality, removes complexes and limits, and has the ability to significantly diversify intimate life.

During the performing of a quality body massage, physical and tactile sensations are taken to the new level — it is a kind of foreplay for a powerful sexual release. That’s why in most cases, clients reach orgasm when they touch their partner’s body.

Also, you can ask to add to massage milk some aroma oils, bamboo sticks of feather for especially sensitive erogenous zones, rings and balls for playing with intimate zones or ice cubes for spicy sensations.

order an erotic milk massage in Prague

As we can see, the flight of a fantasy can be simply limitless. They are aimed to discover new sensations, increase excitement, help to remove different blocks. After completing, the client receives bright and power final.

In the Czech Republic these services are legalized, so, when you’re going for a trip, let yourself be filled not only with new impressions about this country cities, but also with colorful sexual sensations.  And to make this with maximum quality, all what you need is to book erotic massage session in the salon Prague Fenix!

To sign up for a Milk Massage erotic massage session in the Prague Fenix salon, call +420 720 175 506. The best masseuses in the city are already waiting for you!

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