Relaxing massage for men. TOP-5 massages and their advantages

The lifestyle of the stronger sex in modern realities often causes psycho-emotional stress and leads to chronic fatigue, the consequence of which can become frustration and depression.

Effective prevention of such negative phenomena will be relaxing massage for man. In Prague, this kind of service is provided to demanding gentlemen by professional masseuses of the salon “Fenix”

The proposed text contains information about the most popular types of the appropriate spicy service, which is now in great demand in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Body to body

Body to body

During such a procedure, the masseuse, taking into account the individual peculiarities and needs of each client, gives him the opportunity to experience new, amazingly pleasant sensations. This is a real chance for a salon visitor not only to find harmony of mind and body, but also to get a new intimate experience.

This kind of relaxing full-body massage for men is an effective method to fully release their sensual energy. This salon procedure helps to increase men’s self-esteem – it can rightly be called an investment in the mental and physical health of men, regardless of their age, temperament and social status.

Only one session, which is carried out in the most favorable environment, provides an immersion into a world of relaxation and pleasure – this time becomes unforgettable.

Nuru massage

nuru massage in Czech

The peculiarity of this procedure, the technique of which was known even to the legendary Japanese geishas, is touching the body being massaged with fingers. Relax massage for men of the appropriate specificity involves the use of unique gel Nuru.

This exclusive product, which is skillfully applied to the areas of chest, limbs, face and abdomen of the representative of the stronger sex by the girl who performs the massage, enhances his sensual sensations.

As a result, the massaged gentleman not only relaxes completely, but also discovers the secrets of the universe, experiencing incomparable bliss – it is a kind of powerful spiritual practice that provides a health-improving and restorative effect.
Nuru gel is hypoallergenic, it is non-sticky and rinses off easily at the end of the session.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage

This special massage for men not only leaves the most vivid, delightful erotic impressions, but also has a therapeutic and preventive effect.

A few sessions are enough to normalize the functionality of the genitourinary organs and prevent such common male ailments as prostatitis and impotence.

Additional priority features of prostate massage is that this spicy procedure allows customers of massage parlors to experience the strongest possible orgasm and increase the duration of sexual intercourse, receiving with a partner mutual pleasure.

Of course, this delicate matter should only be entrusted to an experienced master – only the best professional masseuses in the Czech Republic are capable to do it.

Milk massage

Milk massage

Unlike most analog types, which have a history going back dozens of centuries, this massage relax for men arose recently , but immediately woke up the interest of many members of the stronger sex.

It is especially relevant for charismatic individuals, for whom creativity and novelty in intimate sensations are essential. The zest of the corresponding sessions of body massage is that the master pours his naked body or the body of his partner with warm milk. From the side it looks very erotic and spectacular, excites the imagination and awakens the guest of the salon the most unexpected fantasies.

The algorithm of the procedure involves gentle kneading of different parts of the body in the direction from the neck to the feet. To do this, the girl performing the massage uses not only fingers and hands, but also other parts of the body, including the chest, abdomen and groin areas. She pays special attention to massaging the client’s buttocks – this is a method to increase his arousal, which will be replaced by unforgettable relaxation.



A technique that came to our times from the era of deep antiquity, able to affect equally deeply and intensely on the energy, psycho-emotional and mental state of men.

The purpose of tantric massage is to open the subtle energy channels, which leads to complete emancipation and allows you to achieve complete harmony, to know the sensation of the most voluptuous tenderness, immersed in virtual reality.

Tantra-massage sessions are not just an opportunity of pleasure for body and soul, but also a tangible health-improving effect for the whole male organism. They stimulate blood circulation processes and accelerate lymphatic circulation. Thus, there is tissue regeneration at the cellular level – the body is really rejuvenated, returns lost vigor, restores physical strength and gains a powerful spiritual potential.

In the elite salon Fenix (Prague, Czech Republic) listed many other types of erotic massage are performed technically perfect and professional. Its numerous regular clients know for a fact, what is relaxing massage for men of premium quality.

The conclusion is obvious: this prestigious place, known far beyond the country’s borders, is definitely worth a visit!

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