Why is erotic massage called Czech? Arguments

Information from sources indicate that the corresponding spicy massage procedures were the privilege of those in power back in prehistoric times. But in modern usage erotic massage is increasingly referred to as Czech massage.

The proposed text will explain the basis for this fact and tell, what is the secret of Czech massage. Nowadays, his professional sessions are available to anyone who wishes to experience true bliss, improve health and achieve inner harmony.

Tourism to Czech Republic: reasons

Tourism to Czech Republic: reasons

This European country receives millions of visitors from abroad every year. Research by sociologists studying this trend gave interesting results.

It turns out that it is not only amazing architecture, unique local color and abundance of attractions that attracts travelers here. A significant number of tourists visit the birthplace of Charles IV, Jan Amos Kamensky and Jaroslav Hasek to join the number of clients of salons offering erotic massage in the Czech Republic.

Such establishments are especially popular in the main city of the country – in the corresponding metropolis, which breathes with antiquity and at the same time looks quite modern and delightfully beautiful, there are hundreds of service companies of the relevant profile.That’s why Prague has the unspoken name of the European capital of erotic massages.

Why is erotic massage called Czech?

There is a fierce competition between such Prague massage parlors – only the best ones get into the rating of the leaders. An example of such a top establishment is the Fenix massage studio, located in the heart of the city.

Sophisticated gentlemen and ladies who have visited its cozy apartments at least once, get an exhaustive answer to the question why Prague is the capital of erotic massage. And sophisticated travelers, who have seen the sights, are convinced that these services in this city are at their best.

Interesting facts

Why is erotic massage called Czech?

The spicy massage available in the salons of this hospitable European metropolis living a measured life is presented in a variety of types. Each of them has its own methodology and tricks.
Local masseuses working in such establishments are fluent in the techniques of tantric, Thai, Lingam, body to body, as well as Nuru-massage, which involves the use of exclusive gel. This is far from a full range of services of the corresponding spicy service, united by the common name “Czech massage”.

Each of the companies tries to improve the classical methods, introducing their own twists and innovations. Thanks to this non-standard approach, the massage industry of this direction is developing and improving.

Tourism to Czech Republic: reasons

For example, in the salon “Fenix” (Prague) you can order their signature, author’s intimate massage or the so-called Milk massage, which provides body-relaxation for those demanding guests who crave maximum pleasure and novelty. Many people assume that such delicate services are addressed exclusively to representatives of the stronger sex. This opinion is wrong. Now it is possible to find out why massage in the Czech Republic is special also for ladies of young and mature age.

The best Prague salons offer special erotic massage for women of traditional and non-traditional orientation, as well as special, spicy sessions for couples who want to enjoy life intimate and spiritual.

The state encourages the development of such an industry – probably because it generates a substantial income for the Czech Republic.

Advantages of Czech massage

Advantages of Czech massage

Specialists have proven the health benefits of erotic massage sessions, not only for the physical, but also for the psycho-emotional state.

The influence of a person’s sexual energy on his physical performance and psyche is obvious. That is why any sexually mature human organism periodically needs discharge, complete relaxation.

Such relaxation will provide a professionally performed spicy intimate massage.
In addition, this procedure has a positive complex effect on many areas of the human body and its emotional and personal development:

  • improves and enhances sexual function;
  • allows you to get a lot of vivid sensations and impressions;
  • relieves tension, gives an opportunity for liberation;
  • helps you learn the secrets and hidden desires of your own body;
  • provides a powerful charge of sexual energy;
  • gives you the opportunity to get an amazing pleasure, getting rid of stress, tendency to depression and anxiety.
Tourism to Czech Republic

Prague salons of this profile are distinguished by professionalism and experience of masseuses, special, perfectly comfortable atmosphere for the client and quite reasonable prices – obviously, this is the secret of their huge popularity.

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