How to do erotic massage. Technique

Erotic massage is aimed at sensuality, emotions, excitement and a stormy flight of sexual fantasies. It can not only relieve stress and tension that has accumulated over the day, relax a person, become an excellent prelude before an intimate act, as well as significantly diversify sexual life.

How to do erotic massage for a man? This question worries many women. Everyone wants to please their favorite man and give him pleasure. And here is how to do it correctly and organize it, we will now deal with it.

Peculiarities of tactile sensations: which parts of the body should be emphasized?

How to do erotic massage

Without gentle touches, hugs, stroking, sexual energy of any person is blocked. The beloved always wants to embrace and caress. And why not combine your desires and love with action? And give the other half a gorgeous romantic evening. How to properly do sexual massage the question is quite complex, it all depends on the desires and needs of partners, their mood and feelings. Erogenous zones in women and men are similar. Let’s consider the most sensitive.

Erotic massage techniques have different techniques, but any of them emphasize the following parts of the body:

  • Massage should not only excite your partner, but also give him feelings of relaxation, so it is best to start with the feet and smoothly move to the calves. There are many sensitive points in these parts.
  • Then smoothly move to the thighs and buttocks, men have many erogenous zones in this area, and then smoothly move to the shoulders and begin to gently massage the cervical-collar zone
  • Gently massage your chest, shoulder joints with your palms and fingers.
How to do erotic massage

The man is relaxed and ready for new sensations! The technique of performing a sexual massage is not so complicated. This massage should be done as slowly as possible and preferably completely naked. Or put on beautiful underwear and gradually remove its elements.
Gentle kisses and caresses in the area of the neck and ears will bring intense sensations.

Smoothly move to the chest, pay special attention to the nipples of the man. They can be kissed, licked and gently bitten. Massaging your hands, their fingers can be gently sucked, or you can place one hand on your breast while you exercise the other and then change the order. The navel area in men is also a very erogenous zone, you can play with it with your tongue, while massaging the inner part of the thighs with your hands.

No matter whether your partner is lying on his back or stomach, take off your bra and slowly slide your breasts all over his body. Don’t forget that it’s not only the man who needs to be aroused, but the woman as well. To add spice, walk your groin area over the man’s thighs, legs, buttocks, breasts very gently and slowly. Let him look at your naked body and feel aroused.

How to do erotic massage

Intimate massage can be continued with oral caresses of the man’s genitals, naturally without bringing him to the peak of pleasure, if you want to continue and do erotic massage as foreplay. Understand how to properly do intimate massage can only by referring to the response of the partner. After making certain manipulations watch the reaction of the man, if you feel that he does not like something or indifferent do not linger on any area and move on. Consistently discover for yourself and for him new sensitive places and zones. There are many that even men don’t know about!

Erotic massage step-by-step instructions: where to start and how to prepare?

How to do erotic massage

The first and most important thing is your playful and good mood! Without a certain mood to make an erotic massage will not work and your partner will feel it. Before you start, it is best to have a light romantic dinner watching an exciting movie “with strawberries”. On a full stomach massage procedures are never carried out and do not bring proper pleasure.

Prepare and plan the place beforehand. Make sure you have clean and fresh linens, rather than changing or making them in a hurry before you start.

This session is always best done in dimmed light. Such lighting is soothing, relaxing and customizing. You can buy candles, small lamps or lamps with a dimmer. Men love eyes, and want to see their other half in full glory, so in the dark the effect of erotic massage will not be the same. Although for the pepper you can blindfold your favorite for a while and tease him with unexpected caresses and kisses. Massage should always be performed on a clean body. It is great to take a warm shower or bath together. This way both partners will feel comfortable, and more open.

How to do erotic massage

Be sure to buy massage oil! It is desirable to choose one with a neutral odor, so the massage will feel deeper. And also doing it with your naked body will improve the glide.

Conducting intimate massage tips can be observed or not, it all depends on your desire and needs. No one forbids to add a light touch of BDSM, use handcuffs or something else. For additional stimulation, you can use a vibrator or buy toys for adults. Here the flight of fancy is simply limitless!

How to do erotic massage

Remember, conduct the session slowly and try to delay the “cherry on the cake” as long as possible. As a result, both partners will be highly aroused, very bright and strong final!

Make your favorite men happy with erotic massage. It will bring pleasure to both partners, dilute intimate life and bring a lot of new sensations and pleasures.

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