Tantric Orgasm: Exploring the Reality and Myths

Most people associate orgasm only with intercourse and ejaculation. These are normal physiological pleasure processes that both women and men experience when making love. Many people believe that it is impossible to experience orgasm without intimacy. This is a big misconception. People who have learned tantric practices have radically changed their attitude to ordinary sex and physiological orgasm. And now we will explain why.

What is a tantric orgasm and what are its signs?

Tantric Orgasm

It is a very deep, multiple orgasm that pierces the whole body and every organ as if it were an electric current. Those who have experienced such pleasure compare it to meditation, hypnosis or trance. A person is temporarily disconnected from reality, experiencing incredible pleasure. Rolling waves of varying degrees of pleasure. This is tantra in sex, the duration of such an orgasm can exceed five minutes. After which there is a great feeling of love for the whole world, true relaxation and a powerful charge of vital energy.

Is it possible to have an orgasm without stimulation? There are such cases, but they are extremely rare. Such a final is associated not only with physiology, but also with spirituality, the ability to relax and meditate. For example, orgies were very popular several centuries ago, and still do not lose their relevance. The essence is that couples in one place have sexual intercourse at the same time, without changing partners. The very atmosphere and observation of others already gives a colossal arousal of a person, and people who just watched such an action, could get an orgasm without a single stimulation.

How is a tantric orgasm achieved?

Tantric Orgasm

Is it possible to have an orgasm without sex, of course yes! It is achieved with the help of bodily practices. There are many of them and all of them are different. A man or woman can reach the peak of pleasure without sex or even another partner. Masturbation is quite a common and natural physiological process, especially when one has different touching skills and knowledge.

Erotic massage without intimacy will be the best guide to the world of tantric orgasm. It is best to go to specialized salons where real masters of their craft work. Such services are available for both sexes and are quite affordable. There is no need to confuse erotic massage with debauchery or sex for money. Here everything is much deeper and more subtle.

Tantric Orgasm

You can order an erotic massage from your loved one and together comprehend tantra and discover new sensations. In such a couple technique, usually one chooses the passive role and the other the active one. The connection occurs not only on a physical level, but also on a mental, energetic, spiritual level through various touches that unite the male and female.

Unbelievable massage for men without intimacy – «Lingam ». Slow and gentle stimulation of the penis will allow a man to experience a strong and multiple orgasm. The essence of the practice is that smooth and gentle movements of the hands or body become more intense or less. The process of ejaculation try to push back as long as possible. Even if the erection is not so strong, under the influence of new touches and excitement, the process resumes. As a result, the man is able to get unforgettable pleasure. Also such an erotic session can be supplemented with prostate massage.

Tantric Orgasm

And for women, the same technique is used «yoni massage». Here the work goes directly to the clitoris, vulva and other erogenous zones on the body. When everything is put into one puzzle, sweet longing is experienced, multiple waves of orgasm pierce the whole body repeatedly.

With erotic massage, an orgasm without sex can be much brighter and stronger than with regular intercourse, where pressure is simply relieved. You can visit a session of erotic massage as a couple and significantly diversify your sex life, learn a lot about your partner, understand what gives him pleasure, as well as learn the practice of tantra.

How to get ready for a tantric orgasm?

Tantric Orgasm

Now we’re know, how to get an orgasm without sex, but let’s look at what needs to be done beforehand. There are a few rules that it is better to observe. It is necessary to prepare not only the body, but also the mind. For two days it will be very useful to practice breathing exercises, stretching and meditation to clear your mind of all negative and irritable. The key to tantric orgasm is complete relaxation and trust in your partner.

Take into account that the session can take about two hours. Before it is better to refrain from sexual intercourse for a few days, do not eat fatty and heavy food, as well as do not drink alcohol. In the room where the massage will be held should be a comfortable temperature and disposing atmosphere.

Tantric Orgasm

Do not deny yourself the pleasure! Always discover new facets not only in life, work, but also in sex. Try to add new colors and sensations to your intimate life more often. This is a very strong energy, which gives a person the strength to achieve great and difficult goals!

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