From which steps body massage consists?

In the whole world, including the leading countries of the European Union there is a huge network of special establishments offering professional services of erotic massage of various types.

steps body massage

Among them, the biggest popularity has body massage, which uses not only the hands, but also the whole body.

The specifics and algorithm of such an unusual massage procedure, and its key conditions are described below.

Peculiarities of technique

It is known that this kind of massaging, which was practiced in ancient times, came to Europe from Asia. Its homeland is considered to be Thailand. Later this unique technique was practiced in China and India.

steps body massage

In that distant era, the corresponding pleasure was available only to the richest people, and these were mostly men. Now this type of massage sessions in special salons can be ordered by every gentleman and lady.

What is done in a body massage?

Such a unique procedure, involving close body contact between the masseuse and the client, has its own specifics, its own rules and algorithm.

There is significant difference between Thai body massage and usual massage technique. It has a deeper purpose. The purpose of the procedure is to bring the partner (patient) into a state of bliss, complete spiritual relaxation.

steps body massage

This effect is achieved by the masseuse kneading all areas of her client’s body using her own naked breasts, abdomen, thighs, face and, naturally, hands.

As a result, the client receives unforgettable sensations and double pleasure, feels a surge of energy and learns the mystery of inner harmony.

What’s the difference between body massage and massage?

This difference lies in the technique, the tasks and the result. The master in this case is not a medical specialist, but a giver, and the body of the person being massaged is the receiver.

The masseuse uses varying degrees of force and pressure in order to completely relax the client. For this purpose, the salon employee uses the entire area of her own body. An additional feature that a professional session of body massage demonstrates is the application of a large amount of oil for a perfect glide.

steps body massage

This is an erotic type of massage, characterized by intensity and maximum contact. It gives incredible tactile sensations, a powerful energy boost and absolute relaxation.

Benefits and algorithm of procedure

Specialists regard this type of savory chiropractic care as an opportunity to experience an intense flow of positive energy and proper energy metabolism.

At the time when someone think about how to do body massage, our girls make their clients literally fly away into virtual reality and immerse themselves in an ocean of relaxation, turning off completely anxious and negative thoughts.

It is an opportunity to remove all internal blocks and clamps, releasing emotions. The work of a masseuse should not be regarded as a purely intimate service – she is able to give much more, including on a spiritual level.

steps body massage

Men and women who want to know what is body massage in a special salon is, should be aware of the main stages of such a procedure.

The initial stage is called preparatory, or gong-fu. Its task is to bring the client into a state of complete relaxation. The masseuse does this by rubbing special oils with light hand movements. They should be performed rhythmically and gently.

Moving on to the next stage, which is called tao, the master slows down the movements of the hands and at the same time increases pressure.

Next, he proceeds to the rubbing technique. Each manipulation becomes more intense. Special attention is focused on erogenous zones. The corresponding stage is called al-mano.

steps body massage

The massage continues with stroking and rubbing of the abdominal area. Dominates contact with the area in the immediate vicinity around the navel – it is called mo-fu.

This is followed by the culmination stage. This is also the final stage. At this time, the masseuse uses all parts of her body, including the buttocks, abdomen, breasts and hair.

Conditions for a massage session

It is possible to highlight several requirements that are necessarily observed in special erotic massage salons.

  1. Arrangement of a suitable location. The location in which the body massage will be performed must be stable, safe and spacious. At home, you can lay a wide and soft mattress directly on the floor. To prevent its surface from getting dirty, a soft plaid or, for example, a yoga mat should be laid on top of it.
  2. Create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. All smartphones should be turned off and the door should be closed. It is better if the room is semi-dark. If the session takes place during daylight hours, dense curtains or blinds will help to create subdued lighting. Otherwise, the soft light of a nightlight, aroma lamp or lit candles will be ideal.
  3. Preparation of the massage fluid. It means a special oil for erotic massage, which can be bought in a sex shop. Ordinary essential and other oils for this procedure are not suitable – they can cause irritation of the genitals. The oil should be heated before use.
  4. Stroking the body of the partner, who first lies on the abdomen, starts with the shoulder area, continues with the back and ends with the foot area. One of the tasks of the masseuse is to increase blood circulation in the pelvis. This can be accomplished by stimulating the gluteal area.
steps body massage

Body massage technique doesn’t exclude the possibility of various experiments. Among them – massaging the partner’s lower back, shoulder blades and then moving to his knees with your breasts. Another option is to glide along the client’s body along his thighs to his chest, and then smoothly move to the groin area.

Only a professional masseuse is able to choose the optimal position and movements that give the salon visitor maximum pleasure.

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