Erotic massage for men and for women – is there a difference?

Such services become indispensable in our complicated and stressful everyday life. Massage itself has very beneficial properties for the whole organism. And if you add eroticism to it, you get a whole fountain of unrivaled sensations.

As a rule, all these massages are aimed at complete relaxation of a person, filling it with powerful energy and harmony. All troubles and problems are left outside the door, and the client gets the opportunity to be alone with himself, learn new sensations and emotions that contribute to spiritual growth.

difference of erotic massage

There are types of services that are suitable for both sexes, but we are different both physically and psychologically. Therefore, there are some peculiarities, different techniques and types of massages. Now, about everything in detail.

What in erotic salons can surprise the male sex?

Order erotic massage for men is available to everyone. The service is very popular and gives the stronger sex an opportunity to plunge into the world of unforgettable pleasures. The main erogenous zone in men is the penis. It is for this zone there is a special massage “Lingama”.

This technique originated thousands of years ago. Translated from Sanskrit, it means a rod of light. Male sexual massage begins very gently and smoothly. Light movements massage the legs, buttocks and abdomen, then slowly creep up to the penis. The main task of the master is not to let the client quickly ejaculate. The penis is stroked, rubbed, squeezed, worked not only with fingers and hands, and may also use oral caresses.

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If a man can fully relax and immerse himself in incredible excitement, he will experience frequent rolling waves of multiple orgasms, and the process of ejaculation will be more abundant and powerful than with normal sexual intercourse.

Here the client decides for himself. It is very useful for men’s health and is a strong stimulator of a real orgasm. Such a session of eromassage for men prevents the appearance of prostate diseases and early impotence, is able to increase the duration of sexual intercourse and get a brighter final.

With the help of such techniques a man can relieve stress, experience new sensations, diversify his intimate life and completely overload his inner world.

What types of erotic massage are there for the female gender?

Nowadays, the weaker sex works as hard as men, solves many complex tasks and occupies many responsible positions. And like no one else they need complete relaxation. Filled with a magical atmosphere erotic massage for women gives them the opportunity to learn all the facets of pleasure, to realize their fantasies and at least for a while to hide from the world.

difference of erotic massage

If for men it is specially designed “Lingama”, for women it is “Yoni-massage”, which is aimed at deep stimulation of vulva and clitoris. Thanks to this procedure, you can get to know your body better, loosen up, increase sexuality, and get rid of frigidity.

This sexual practice is very common in Europe, and the duration of eromassage can be up to three hours. The only side effect can be multiple, vivid and strong orgasm. Of course, female ero-massage is saturated with sensuality, tenderness and takes place in an appropriate environment. This is a dimmed light, a cozy, comfortable and safe place, candles, aroma oils, beautiful music and so on.

difference of erotic massage

If the question arises, who does erotic massage? For men, of course, it is a naked woman. The weaker sex can give themselves into the hands of a male master, as well as a female. Here individual preferences of the client are taken into account, and such a nuance is always agreed in advance.

Universal types of erotic massage for both partners

Any technique can be called universal, there are only differences in the stimulation of intimate zones. The well-known “Body Massage” is suitable for any sex. The procedure is carried out with the help of the body of the masseur and the use of special oils for gliding. Gradually find and work with erogenous zones, increasing the excitement of the person. And bring to the cherished and exciting peak.

Intimate aqua massages are also universal. They are conducted in warm baths with fragrant foam or in the shower, using special hydrogel lubricants. Additional stimulation is provided by a regulated water pressure.

difference of erotic massage

Any erotic massage is perfect for couples who want to add zest to their sex life. Such services allow, even more close partners, unite on a spiritual level, and get to know each other better. And also to understand what caresses, movements, stroking can bring your loved one to the peak of bliss. The presence of such diversity in the intimate life of partners, strengthens and prolongs the union. The key is to entrust your body and soul to experienced and professional hands. Be sure that your personal boundaries will not be violated. Massage therapists are fully attuned to the client, taking into account his individual preferences and desires. And they will never do what you do not want.

Sexual harmony of a person is as important as his health. In the presence of complexes and dissatisfaction, people cannot realize all the beauty, brightness of life, experience new sensations and pleasures. Therefore, take a risk and go towards the new, tantalizing, sweet and yet unexplored.

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