What is an erotic massage like? How to choose

A visit to an erotic massage salon will open the door to a world full of incredible emotions and pleasures. In the modern tempo of life it is very difficult to balance between rest and work, and erotic massage is one of the oldest ways of relaxation. Most people suppress sexual and emotional desires. Most often, this is due to internal complexes and blocks.

This service is very pleasant in itself, massaging the whole body, the work of muscles, blood circulation improves, a person begins to feel better, more awake, gets a new burst of strength. And sexual massage is aimed at stimulating all points and erogenous zones, and a person experiences infinitely pleasant sensations.

What is an erotic massage like

There are many varieties of erotic body massage. First of all, it is aimed at arousing the partner. Professional masseurs can bring the client to the finale with gentle touches, stroking without using sexual intercourse or direct impact on intimate organs.

Peculiarities of intimate massage

Diving into such an atmosphere the main thing is to leave all worries, troubles and problems at the door and relax as much as possible. Needless thoughts will not let you feel the pleasant touch and get a sweet state. Why is massage erotic so popular? Its main secrets are the technique of execution and a special atmosphere, as well as the masseur and the client are completely naked.

Peculiarities of intimate massage

Intimate massage can relieve you from stress and worries, will be a great end of the day, will bring such a desirable and powerful pleasure. Everyone can order an intimate massage and plunge into a new world of pleasure and sensations.

And now we will tell you in more detail what kinds of erotic massage exist and are the most popular ones.

«Oil Body Massage»

Body to Body

A unique and divine service that leaves long and pleasant memories. The main feature of this massage is that it is done with the whole body. The masseuse smoothly and gently glides her breasts, palms, lips and groin area all over the client’s body.

Everything starts with soft stroking of feet, legs, then special attention is paid to the thighs and buttocks, to improve blood circulation in the pelvis. Smoothly move to the back, abdomen, chest and neck. A certain rhythmicity is observed. The impression is that you are being teased and maximally delay the peak of pleasure. The massage is performed with the use of aromatic oil, relaxing music and dimmed light.

Tantric massage

It can be great for both women and men. It is aimed at strong stimulation of the genitals. Many people confuse such a session of erotic massage with ordinary masturbation, but this is not true at all. The task of a professional masseuse, as long as possible to languish the client and do not give the opportunity to get a quick orgasm. The highest pilotage – it is a long time to bring a man to the final and then sharply change the pace to a slower, in the end comes out very powerful and multiple orgasm.


With the penis of the masseuse works with hands, breasts and body, and can also go to oral caresses. A variation and a cool highlight of such a service for men, is still a prostate massage. These two types of unearthly pleasure can be combined.

For women, the focus is on the clitoris, breasts and buttocks. Moving all over the body, the masseur smoothly finds erogenous places, carefully monitors the sensations of the client and alternates rhythmic and slow movements.

Relaxing massage «Nuru»

We recommend to sign up for an erotic nuru massage for those who are looking for new and extraordinary sensations. This service has a special technique that not everyone can do. It is necessary to know the tactile points on the entire human body, to maximize the effect. The massage is carried out by gentle pressure of the fingertips on painful, stimulating points (erogenous zones). The time of pressure is from 5 to 7 seconds. After such a session, the client’s body is very relaxed and becomes as if weightless. There is a powerful burst of energy.

Add such a massage with gentle nibbling, and also use feathers, sticks, silk cloth to stimulate arousal.

Aquafoam and aquagel massage

Everyone knows that water has a beneficial effect on people, allowing them to forget, cleanse, relax. That’s why we love to take a warm foam bath. And if this action add skillful and sexy masseurs, we will learn an amazing aquafoam massage. It takes place in the bathtub by candlelight with the addition of essential oils and foam. The bodies of the partners gently slide against each other while moaning with ecstasy.

aquagel massage

Aquagel massage takes place in a shower cabin with the use of special gel for sliding. The massage is performed with hands, breasts and buttocks. Also use different water pressure power for additional stimulation of erogenous zones and genitals.

Try to order an erotic massage and give yourself incredible, stunning feelings of satisfaction and harmony. This service will help you get a lot of new sensations, relieve tension, complexes, blocks, plunge into the world of excitement and euphoria.

Remember that such a massage is designed for each client individually. Technique, strength of stimulation, atmosphere is selected exclusively for your preferences. Personal boundaries are never violated, and the status of incognito is preserved.

In our complicated world, sometimes you want to get away and hide from all the problems, to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. Therefore, erotic massage can be compared to meditation, complemented by excitement and pleasure.

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