Tantric erotic massage – what it is and what are its benefits?

There is a great variety of manual techniques aimed at optimizing the work of human organs and systems, relieving fatigue and restoring tone. One type of such procedures is Tantra massage, which is a symbiosis of love play and therapeutic tool.

About the appropriate massage practice, aimed at complete relaxation of the body, filling with vital energy, recovery and maximum pleasure, is described below.

History, origins

Originally tantric massage was used by representatives of the ruling circles of India in the late medieval era. In those distant times, it was believed that this method provided an opportunity to increase the level of energy needed to govern the people.

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Later, this practice, which included several levels, including body-oriented, erotic-sexual and philosophical, spread to the lower castes.

It is known that similar destinations existed in other ancient Asian countries. Among them are Tibet, Nepal, Japan and China. Tantra acquired its final form as a manifestation of Buddhism in the Tibetan culture.

In Europe, the impetus for the popularity of this trend was the rapidly growing interest in Eastern philosophy and esotericism, observed in the 60s of the last century. Thus erotic tantra massage became a tool for the development of consciousness, vital and sexual energy.

Specifics of technique

The essential component of such a massage procedure involves interaction with sacral areas of the body – erogenous zones. It has been proven that they are where the huge potential of emotions, strong feelings and a huge amount of energy lies.

A professional masseuse, providing such spicy services, helps the client to loosen up, experience unusual sensations and divine pleasure.

Tantric erotic massage

An important role is played by the conditions of the massage session – they should be as comfortable as possible. In special establishments, it is usually held in dimmed light against the background of music for relaxation (it can be the sounds of nature or compositions for induction into trance).

It is necessary to realize for those who order tantra massage procedures for the first time that it is much more than ordinary sexual satisfaction.

To enhance the effect of sensations, masseurs can use aromatic substances, and even special body oils.

Also important is the choice of a comfortable, successful body posture and the presence of a cozy atmosphere in the room. Usually the movements during this procedure is unhurried and characterized by smoothness.

First, a special liquid composition is carefully applied to the body. Then begins the execution of careful and slow gliding movements. Most often, the tailbone area is first massaged with a gradual progression upward to the back.

Tantric erotic massage

Then proceed to stroking the shoulders and extremities. The touches become more intense. They include contact with the genitals in a spiritual context, i.e. aimed at comprehending the life-giving principles.

During massaging, not only the palms are actively used, but also the head, feet, chest, buttocks and, in principle, the whole body. The only place that should not be touched is the lymph nodes.

The total duration of tantric massage service in a special salon is from 2.5 to 3 hours.

Tentative stages of the procedure can be considered familiarization, attunement, formation of requests and massage practice itself.

During the sessions, the physical and mental state of the client, his age and other factors are taken into account.

Purposes and benefits

This procedure, which allows you to experience true bliss, is aimed at preserving youth and getting a lot of amazing, bright sensations by filling with vital energy.

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It opens a real opportunity to move from negative, anxious thoughts to peace, calmness, harmony, pleasure and restoration of the emotional state.

The strategic task of the corresponding developmental practice is to harmonize all components within the patient, including his consciousness, feelings and connection to the Universal flows of inexhaustible energy.

Such a special massage technique, including various methods and techniques, is characterized by a number of priority features:

  • professional erotic tantra massage can heal a person from emotional traumas;
  • it is an opportunity to increase the level of sensuality, to know your hidden intimate desires and needs;
  • As a result of the session, the client’s tactile sensations are enhanced and he/she gets a feeling of being saturated with positive energy;
  • this massage helps to get rid of stress and experience the bliss of deepest relaxation.;
  • after the session a person feels internally more youthful, energetic, healthy and full of strength – there is a reboot of the work of almost all areas of the body.
Tantric erotic massage

During the procedure, the possibility of losing physical boundaries and moving into a mediated state cannot be ruled out.

Interesting facts

Specialists have come to the conclusion that performing tantric massage is a real magic and a whole philosophy that involves the exchange of female and male energy.

It has been proved by medical experts that such massage technique can be regarded as an effective prevention of female and male diseases of the reproductive sphere.

Tantric erotic massage

According to modern urologists, professional tantra massage helps to prevent prostate diseases in men, and in women it reduces unpleasant symptoms of PMS.

The result of several such sessions is an improvement in the immune system and stress resistance.

A practicing massage therapist should additionally know the philosophy of kama sutra, tantra and lingam massage, learn yogic breathing and the technology of transferring one’s own energy to the patient.

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